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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 16, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand new week. how about some brand new videos, "right this minute." a man is ambushed in his driveway by violent thugs and then they tie him up. what happens when his worried wife comes to check on him? he claims a mind technique called efo gives him power in the ring. see the moment he is confronted by sceptics and meet the woman who is still in his corner. >> does efo work? it appears it doesn't. >> actually, it does.
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>> a mid-air scare for two sky divers when one of them pulls the shoot and -- >> the warning you don't want to here when you are speeding toward the ground. >> emergency, emergency! and you've never heard this version of. >> i'm here tonight. see the ultimate christmas carol iceland style. the video that will terrify you. this is surveillance footage from a home in miami, florida. as the homeowner is pulling into his driveway, he is brutally attacked by two men who slipped in when that gate opened up. then, they tie him up. once they get him tied up, these two men steal this guy's keys and then they try to get into the house but this man's
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68-year-old wife is actually home at the time. she hears the noise and goes outside to check on her husband. she finds him on the ground. you see her here but the two men then attack her and watch what they do. they pick her up and slam her to the ground. she hits her head violently against the pavement and is knocked unconscious. the two men then run away. they escape from the property leaving both husband and wife injured. fortunately, the husband was able to kind of untie himself by taking off his pants and then in this beautiful show of love, but also in sadness and in fear, he lays down beside his wife and holds her. now, both husband and wife were taken to the hospital. 71-year-old jesus alvarez spent more than four days in the hospital. this is the really heart-breaking part.
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68-year-old marion alvarez, she is in a coma. she believe she will be in the hospital for several months. >> so what are these people supposed to do? they already have a fence. they were just coming home from something, just going to their house. >> did we ever really get a good look at their faces or any kind of identifying anything. >> clothing. wplg put this video on the air hoping that someone might recognize these suspects. ♪ >>. >> we re going to intduce you to something that lks like it g film. this is a master of efo, empty force object. basically, using his mind, relax action and breath to defeat opponents. this video is from an open demonstration where he invited people to come out and watch this efo in progress. >> i don't believe it. >> he could easily just be followers of this dude. they could all be acting. if this guy can do this, why can't tons of people do this. the people at our end are
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believers of this efo technique. the people that are making this video are sceptics. they get up and approach you at one point in this video. the different techniques they are employing don't seem to work on this guy in the tan t-shirt. they also asked him some questions. repeatedly, it appears this efo technique does not work on these sceptics that are questioning yuka. the video has gotten quite a bit of attention around the world, over half a million hits. it has raised a lot of questions. we have one of the instructors that was in this video, jenny yelkunin. does efo work? it appears it doesn't. >> actually, it does. first of all, i have to tell you, it is not self-study. it is something else we are studying by these movements that we are practicing and it is far bigger than self-defense. >> he is claiming he can seriously just use the power of
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his mind. >> and he can and we all can. when we ever practicing these attacks, first thing you have to have there is the intention and then realize it means if somebody gets really pissed off, he really wants to punch somebody, he crosses a line, he loses control and that's the point when it starts to work. >> when would you use this other than in this setting? >> in order to practice efo, you have to have open mind. you have to give a possibility for things you cannot quite understand. so what went wrong with that demonstration was the fact that the people trying to do those attacks probably didn't have enough intention i was talking about. so are you saying that because those people came with the intention in their mind not to hurt him, not to do violence but just to prove him wrong, that's why it didn't work? >> yes. some tv crews saw a mugging
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in action in puerto alegra, brazil. zu can see the man on the ground. he has a white t-shirt that says p.u.m.a. on and he is being attacked by two guys that got his wallet. just 100 feet away were some cab drivers. they saw what was going on, came to the man's aid and guess what, that wasn't good news for the robbery suspects. you see them encountering. one gets kicked. one suspect is going to get kicked in the head. >> knocked him out. >> you can see it in slow motion. he falls, he trips. it gets him kicked in the head, knocked out. one of the other guys got away. him, not so much. this guy arrested by police. >> a bad night for that guy. he tries to rob somebody, gets beat up and then gets arrested. >> look at the bright side, at least he will have a good night sleep. >> i honestly think that dude in the redshirt might be karate kid. he tried to sweep the leg and gave him the crane kick to the face. >> no chance against the taxi drivers.
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>> the kind of cab drivers you want in the town. >> one more bad guy out of the street. look at this man sitting in the window with his legs sticking out. he is several floors up. this fall would definitely be fatal. notice, there is somebody up top of the building. looks like they are preparing to scale down and they are going to come to the rescue. you won't believe how he does it. watch. he just kicks the guy in and the crowd was quite pleased with the whole stunt they saw. >> the guy in the window seeings him. he sees him look up. it looks like he knows the guys there and everything. how do you defend yourself from that? you could jump down. you know how that is going to end. >> if this was a cry for help, if this guy did really want to be rescued and stayed there until he was rescued. >> just a scary moment. a couple thousand feet in the air. watch this. when this person pulls the shoot, look at that. part of the shoot gets stuck. one of the people assisting, you see, is able to kind offer yank
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that cord out of there. you can see the struggle that the person had here. >> that person had the right form. if you look at it, they tell you to keep your legs up. that person has that legs up. >> a scary moment. thankfully, those people were there. >> here is another one from high up in the sky. this one, two guys, look like somewhat experience sky divers. they are going down in a solo jump. this guy in the green and yellow, david, pulls his shoot and there he goes. eventually, listen to the guy with the go-pro. it sounds like it is his instructi instructor or coach. this is not what you want to hear when you are this high up. >> turn away, turn away, emergency. >> basically, what happens is a line over malfunction when part of the cord is on top of the shoot as it deploys. >> cut it away, cut it away. >> he is plummeting to the ground really fast. eventually, watch the shoot.
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right there it goes away and there you see another shoot deployed. that's obviously the emergency shoot. he cut away at 2500 feet, which is what they call sort of a decision altitude, where you have to decide. am i going to cut this thing and go with my deserve or not. david makes it down for a completely safe landing but nerve-racking. showcasing a friend's art and life with a video. >> is probably one of my favorite pieces. >> wow. >> the story behind the loving tribute. >> she can't help but be herself. >> a car has end to oncoming traffic. the crash that came out of nowhere. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift
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hello, everybody. i am ze na lars, from ura, colorado. i circumnavigate the areas of california as well. >> sometimes we are lucky enough to get to know some really special people. this is zena lars. >> i suppose you could say i have a self-diagnosed condition called ccd, creative compulsive disorder. i have to make stuff all the time with whatever i have around me, trash or junk or things that people would normally throw away, i try to find ways to refabricate them into something useful and beautiful. >> as the video progresses, she shares some of her favorite
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pieces. she creates a huge tar ran tu la. >> look at the eyes. >> gnarly, right. this video was taped and produced back in august to showcase her creativity, personality, interest. a few weeks later, this video became a tribute to zena. >> in november, she suffered an accident while hiking and she passed away almost immediately. so her friend, the filmmaker, behind this video, stormy pyette, decided she was going to revisit that footage and recreate the video that told the world the story of zena. to tell us more about zena and the video, we have her friend stormy via skype "right this minute." i think your video did an excellent job capturing the essence of zena. are you surprised by the reaction the video has gotten? >> yeah, actually. i'm not surprised people love zena but i'm surprised people are taking the time to watch my
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video about her. i guess maybe because whatever i put online, hardly anyone watches it. it is great to see how zena has become the world traveler she has always wanted to be. >> what is it about her that has so many people watching the video? >> she is one of those people that can't help but be herself in all her quirkiness. that's what people find fascinating about her. she is very genuine. >> how was it to go back and look at all the life she had? >> it was really hard and really sad. all of that is gone. i was just thinking about how much fun it was to work on these little projects with her and how lucky and great that was. then, when i got around to editing it, there were moments where i had totally forgotten that she had passed away. there were definitely moments where it was really good experience. it was really good way to use my art and what i do to heal, i guess. >> i see every day as an new opportunity to bring art to
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people. i'm going to do it in every way possible. >> do you guys know what dash cams are great for, capturing those moments that you would never be able to actually prove to somebody? if you were to describe this scene -- sg whwhat the heck? >> it did come from. >> to have this up and over the road, smacking into that one car and spinning out and continuing across the road. if you look closely, you can see tire tracks through you that entire grass median. it looked like the car left the exit ramp on the other side of the highway, came across that low grass ditch and then up the other side. that's what made it launch into the air. looks like the impact was not serious. no words on any injuries. now, to another dash cam. a nice theme. looks like there might be a little bit of snow on the road up ahead. up ahead, a large bus, brake
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li lights come on. it was a ped crossing. the two cars up ahead slowed down to let the pedestrian cross. the bus almost smashed into the cars almost taking out the pedestrian. >> it is really dangerous. you have an icy road. you know someone could potentially lose control. drills and how one man sees the future. >> in 1984, it is happening. next, "right this minute." still to come, two stray puppies are stuck out in the cold. >> oh, look at them cullediddli to each other. >> luckily, in this case, this was a really easy rescue. how the humane society brought them in safe and sound a soccer match where everyone ignored the ball. no one touches the ball. uch a big hit. the first pot of gold of the holidays. hmm, truffle or caramel? caramel! dad? hmmm... time's up! want one?
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truth. the humane society, a fantastic organization. we see lots of videos from the michigan humane society. in this particular video, it is these two adorable puppies, valentine and secora. >> look at them cuddling up to each other. >> the michigan humane society received a call from the family inside this house saying these two stray puppies had wondered up on their property. >> it seems to me like somebody abandoned them. they knew to sit by the door. they knew to sit by the door to
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go inside because it is warmer there. it is obviously cold if this is michigan this time of year. >> luckily, in this case, this was a really easy rescue. as you can see, the puppies followed him to the van. >> it is warmer in the van than outside. >> that's exactly right. that van took them straight to a vet's office. they received some vaccinations, the nourishment they needed and now they are available for adoption. so anyone in the detroit area can adopt these two beautiful little ladies. >> this is like a free ad for them. everybody can see how cute they are. go and adopt them. >> look at those faces. >> i might have to go to detroit and get those dogs. here comes santa paws.
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we have big screen and some big hits in this one. two videos look like a lot of fun. the first from durban, south africa, the moses labida stadium. a big rush, big swing attracts at this stadium. it is something you can go there and do willingly. watch this. you get up to the very tippy-top of this stadium. >> oh, it is this thing. i don't like this thing. this is awful. >> they hook the guy up to this big swing. they give him some instruction. here is the countdown. >> three, two, one, go! >> once you get down to sort of mid-field there, you don't really swing back and forth. it is kind of one big free-fall. you are still pretty high up. eventually, in the video, the guy points out his family. >> this is the stuff my nightmares are made of. eventually, they pull the guy back up to the top. >> that was amazing.
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>> from big swings to that, what you are about to watch is a soccer match but not your average match. oh, bubble football they are calling it. >> we've got to do this. >> there are some giant hits. these are guys and girls in these bubbles just launching themselves at each other, no t e even paying attention to the paul. >> everyone ignores the ball. >> no one touches the ball. >> this i would do. >> it looks like once you get knocked out, it is hard to get up. a guy takes out a girl. her hair comes up to the top. she is like, you know what, i'm sliding out of this thing. >> i want to play this. what's not to love about this video. >> look at her face. like, oh, my gosh, what indignity. >> you see the river
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well, we have got ourself a fight going down in this alleyway. somebody better call the police. look, somebody did. thank goodness, the police are here. they get out to break this up. >> oh, boy. well, it broke the fight up. they forgot that. >> i don't think it was the brain. he forgot to put it in park. >> maybe this is a tactic. you try to break up a fight. you don't get injured and you go on and make a weird clown scene. >> now, from there to here, muskegon, michigan, a big 40-vehicle pileup led to a chain reaction of smashed up vehicles on this icy road. you can see a tow truck here trying to help out one of the vehicles down here in the ditch. you see the tow truck driver bail out of there it and some long trailerlike video comes by and almost hits the tow truck driver. you can see how close that truck was to hitting into the tow truck. doesn't look like there was any additional collisions.
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40 in one day is still a lot it is really nice when you have a pet you can have fun with, like this cat. >> ted, ted. >> that cat goes and puts itself in the grocery bag and the cat doesn't hate it. look. >> look at that. the cat is like, okay, where are we going? >> i wondered how he taught the cat that. >> that's what the cat wants, is a little safe space. >> look at what i caught. this is the kind of video you want to watch over and over. behold the beautiful, graceful river dance move of peach, the chihuahua. >> it is so true that it looks like the river dance because peaches little front paws are staying right down front. not moving but tap dancing away. >> look at her face. oh, my gosh, what indignity.
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>> i want to say poor dog but it is pretty cute. >> it's cute. ♪ let's go to iceland to get really into the christmas spirit with a beautiful rendition of silent night ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ all is calm, all is bright telling me that is not making your skin just crawl. >> she is awesome. ♪ sleep in heavenly peace
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>> i feel like i'm watching one of those "american idol" reject clips. >> she is doing it on purpose. >> love her. ♪ sleep in heavenly peace happy holiday. that's it for us here at rtm. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." it's a heartbreaking scene of animals huddling to stay warm. >> they are covered in ice. >> see why it takes a village to save some frozen doggies. police say this dude used slingshot inbreak-inthen -- >> left behind two black walky-talkies. >> who was he talking to? >> roger that. give me the slingshot. >> the burglar that is not the sharpest knife in


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